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We know that planning a top-notch event or an effective training isn't easy, but finding a dynamic and memorable speaker can be!  Nicole Lynn Lewis is changing the way people approach their lives, their careers and their dreams.  When you book Nicole, your audience will walk away ready to put her tools to work.

Hope is the number one, necessary, secret ingredient to anyone’s success.
— Nicole Lynn Lewis

Most Popular Keynotes 

Nicole can cater her keynotes and presentations to your specific needs, but here are some of her most popular:

The Reflection In The Mirror: How To Become the Person We Envision:  When we think of the person we want to be, the vision in our heads is often a distant and hopeful wish rather than a real and attainable goal. How does the person in the mirror become the hero in our dreams? Through this fun, entertaining and empowering presentation, Nicole will give you the tools to turn your hopes and wishes into your goals and reality.

Core learning areas:  Self empowerment, goal achievement, productivity

Walking the Tightrope: Finding the “Perfect” Balance Between Career and Family:  As driven people and loving parents, we often feel pulled in every direction in our day-to-day lives. At least one area always seems neglected, and we are searching for ways to balance it all. Through this interactive and fun presentation, Nicole will help you think through and find solutions for the common challenges of balancing it all. She will also give you simple but powerful tools to improve the quality of your relationships.

Core learning areas:  Work-life balance, quality of life, cooperative learning

Keynotes for Youth-Serving Organizations

Reaching the Unreachable:  How to Connect With Youth in a Real Way:  Is your organization youth-focused?  Are you looking for ways to help youth make better choices?  This presentation will bring you back to the nuts-and-bolts of communicating with even the most complex cases.  Nicole's real-life experience and current work with youth will give your audiences a new perspective on their work.   

Core learning areas:  Effective communication, youth-focused connections

Secrets of a Successful Teen Parent:  The issue of teen pregnancy is one that is constantly being discussed.  The two most compelling questions being:  1) How can we prevent our young people from experiencing an unplanned pregnancy?  2) How can we ensure that teenage parents are successful in life despite the tremendous obstacles they face?  Your audience will gain a new perspective on this issue and practical, innovative ways to make a difference.   

Core learning areas:  youth development, youth-focused connections

Keynotes for Student Groups

The "Hancock" In You:  How To Harness Your Untapped Power:  You may not realize it, but even as a young person, you have the amazing power to determine your future.   No matter your circumstances or your past, you can dream big and watch your future unfold.  Entertaining and emotional, Nicole will take students through her own personal journey of overcoming tremendous odds and will give them practical tools to unleash their own potential.

Core learning areas:  Self empowerment, goal-setting, goal achievement

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